Private Airport vs. Car Hire Transfers

When you are visiting a new city or country, you would easily book the flight tickets. After reaching the destination, you would wonder how to travel within the city. Recently, I was visiting Leeds for a business proposal. I was wondering how I would travel for attending the meeting. Luckily, my travel agent booked flight tickets as well as Airport Transfer Leeds. My entire trip was smooth without tension or confusion.

There are two options for travellers. It is either car hires or private airport transfers.

Car Hire:
It means you can drive your car as per your convenience. You have to take your own route and pause on the way. It is not an advisable option since you may not know the routes and rules of the new city. Everything will be new and it is hard to find the routes. If you are hiring your own car, you have to start to travel few minutes before since there are chances of delays and wrong route travel. It is the best option for people who know the area well. They can hire a car and go for shopping, explore new destinations and enjoy the city. It is important to check the hiring cost. You may be asked to pay on an hourly basis or daily basis. Apart from this expense, you have to pay for parking fees, motorway charges, fuel costs, etc.

If you want to drive to the airport, you need to consider private transfers. You will have an experienced chauffeur with you to take you to places you wish. The airport transfer company will bear all the expenses. You have to pay only for the trip. When you arrive, the driver will be waiting for you and pick you from the airport. You do not have to queue at car hiring point and carry your huge luggage here and there at the airport.

Once your driver finds you, he/she will load your luggage in the boot and take you for a peaceful ride. You have to sit back and enjoy the beauty and infrastructure of the new city. I enjoyed a similar experience as described here.

I was totally new to the city. I did not know much about travel routes. When I showed my hotel address to the chauffeur, he immediately reached me to the spot safely. Throughout the way, I was enjoying the weather, exotic scenes and peaceful ambience. I did not even feel like going in a car. The vehicle has child seat with locks, seat belts, and comfortable resting seats. The best part is I did not wait at airport or hotel for vehicle. It was ready in five minutes. I ensured to notify about my road travel five minutes before and the transfer company arranged the car with chauffeur accordingly. It helped me to attend my business meeting in time.

I suggest to hire airport transfer instead of renting a car. The chauffeur knows the shortcuts and routes of the city. Sometimes, you would not even expect massive traffic halts but it occurs. The chauffeur will ensure to take an alternative route and reach you safely to your destination. Private transfers are reasonable and it is best for a few days trip.